When’s The Best Time Of Year To Buy A New House?

Per ATTOM — which has analyzed more than 51 million single-family transactions since 2011 — May is the worst month for scoring a bargain. The term “spring selling season” exists for a reason and the period between April and June has traditionally supported premium prices for sellers based on several factors.


One of the biggest influences is that buyers with children may try to time their transaction so the physical moving process happens after one school year ends, but before the new school year begins. Also, homes in colder climates tend to look their best outside of the winter months, when natural light is abundant and lawns and landscaping can be shown off to their full lush potential. Not to mention that it’s just more pleasant for potential buyers to tour homes as the days grow longer and temperatures get warmer.

Because so many sellers take advantage of listing during the spring, buyers will also encounter the largest inventory of properties for sale. Without a doubt, picky shoppers will find a great selection of properties during the spring and summer months with the caveat that increased competition from other buyers can lead to bidding wars and higher prices.