How Much It Really Costs To Buy A Private Jet

The cost to buy a private jet can vary greatly and will, ultimately, depend on how old the plane is, its size, its make, how far it can go, and how much it can carry. The site says a plane like the nine-seater Embraer Phenom 100 can set you back less than $3 million, while a Boeing Business Jet (BBJ 777x) carries a price tag of more than $400 million. 


But there are plenty of choices between the price extremes. You can also choose from a range of jet sizes and weights, from very light private jets that can fly for about three hours for $1.5 million to light jets that can hold up to eight persons for $6 million. Mid-sized jets, meanwhile, can fly for about five hours and cost up to $20 million. And ultra-long-range heavy jets, which can fit 17 and carry full-sized beds, can run you about $62 million.