FAANG Stocks: Important Facts You Need To Know

One unique idea that’s been floated lately is the concept of a new FAANG model. Oil Price suggested the replacement of this acronym with a new version dubbed FAANG 2.0: It would encompass Fuels, Aerospace and Defense, Agriculture, Nuclear and renewables, and Gold, metals, and minerals. Oil Price suggests that the market is seeing a substantial shift that is likely to continue over the long term. In this change, it is argued that the energy sector is emerging as a new top dog, especially as information technology brands flounder.


Financhill suggests a different take on the matter. Instead of a new sector becoming the predominant driver of pricing and growth, the outlet considers a new vanguard of technology players that will emerge as industry innovators and leaders. These brands include Square (now Block), Sea Limited, Snowflake, MercadoLibre, Coinbase, Upstart, and Affirm.

Outlets everywhere are voicing their opinions on the potential for a new FAANG model. What this type of posturing really comes down to is an understanding of what the FAANG stocks have always offered investors. These are brands that have experienced lasting growth as a result of their innovation in their own direct field and beyond. Investors looking for the next big thing need to spend some time thinking about where they believe future growth may be lying in wait.