How To Sign Over A Car Title

It’s called signing over a title for a reason, and indeed, the process is nearly as simple as the rightful seller adding their signature in the correct place. If the car’s title has multiple owners listed, they’ll all need to sign unless the names of the owners are separated by the term “or,” in which case any of the owners can sign. If any errors are made, resist the urge to cross them out or use white-out because the title is an official document. Instead, a proper correction form or other suggestion should be proffered from the DMV. 


Another document besides the title that you might consider adding to the transaction is a bill of sale. Not all states require a bill of sale, but it’s probably a good idea to draft one anyway. Among other things, a bill of sale establishes the sales price so the new owner can pay the appropriate amount of sales tax when registering the vehicle.

A bill of sale is also handy for memorializing the sale. For example, if the new owner fails to register the vehicle and it’s involved in an accident, the commission of a crime, or accumulates parking tickets, you’ll have proof that you are no longer the owner. Depending on where you live, some states may have an official bill of sale form that can be obtained electronically or in person from the DMV. Otherwise, generic versions are available on certain legal websites.