How Much Would The House On Full House Cost In Real Life?

Perhaps spurred by renewed interest in the home from the Netflix reboot “Fuller House,” the San Francisco homeowners eventually got fed up enough with lookie-loos that they decided to list the property for sale in 2016. In an interesting twist, it was purchased for approximately $4 million by none other than Jeff Franklin, the creator of the “Full House” show. Franklin promised to not only restore the exterior to its former glory, but he also had plans to remodel the interior of the home to reflect how it looked on the full house set, which was of course just a Hollywood soundstage. The intention was that once the interiors were completed to mimic the television show, fans could tour the property as an attraction.


As you might imagine, the neighboring homeowners were already distraught with all the traffic from the show and certainly didn’t want to encourage more. According to the Stamford Advocate, “[Franklin] acquired all the necessary building permits, and that’s when neighbors in Pacific Heights raised a ruckus. They feared the house would become even more of a tourist destination. Devoted fans of the show already flock to the site on a daily basis and cause commotion in the neighborhood.”