Here’s How You Prepare To Act As The Executor Of A Will

If you’re in a situation where you’re being asked to become an executor of a will, you might want to know all the steps that are involved in the whole process before making a commitment. More than just a ceremonial position, as executor, you’ll need to not only go through the will with a legal representative and carry out the wishes of the recently deceased, but complete plenty of other important steps along the way.


Although it’s not by any means a full-time job, it’ll still require you to handle a number of tasks, such as gathering and organizing important documents like the will and any documentation on assets (like real estate), as well as financial records. The role would also include obtaining a death certificate and making official copies for institutions that would require it, organizing arrangements with regard to the funeral, and possibly starting the process of probate for the will if need be.

Other crucial items to care for that fall under the role of the executor would be to cancel accounts and let certain organizations know of the person’s passing. You may have to pay off any remaining debts and put a stop to hydro and utilities that would be under their name. The government will also need to know of their death so that any payment regarding social insurance can be stopped as well as interests involving the Internal Revenue Service.