What You Need To Know About Old Navy’s Navyist Credit Card

Old Navy offers two types of reward credit cards to shoppers and both come with bonuses for fans of their clothing outlets. First of all, the Navyist credit card can be used online or in-store only at Old Navy and its family brands such as Gap, Banana Republic, and Athleta. However, the card does come with benefits. You get 30% off of your first purchase with the card, free shipping on online orders that are over $50, and no annual fee. You also earn five points for every $1 spent at any of Old Navy’s affiliated brands, according to Old Navy. Although there’s no sign-up fee to get the card, you should know that it currently comes with a 25.99% variable annual percentage rate (APR) and you could be charged up to $41 for every late payment or payment that’s returned.


When applying, the company considers you for the Navyist Mastercard first and if you’re not accepted for that, then you’re enrolled in the Navyist credit card instead. To earn the Mastercard version of this rewards-based program you must have a good credit score, just like you should when being considered for a traditional credit card. The Navyist Mastercard carries all the same benefits as the other store card, however, now you can use it outside of the branded stores, wherever Mastercard is accepted.