15 Best Tips To Build Credit Fast

One of the most important things you can do to maintain a healthy credit score and increase it over the long term is to pay your bills on time, every time. Ensuring that you meet at least the minimum payment required for each of your bills every month will keep your credit score moving in a positive direction.


Even if you aren’t able to make excessive payments to eat away at the principal, paying on time shows lenders that you are serious about your responsibility as a borrower. Paying your bills on time represents a moderate chunk of the math involved in calculating your credit score. This feature is one that will continue to gradually improve your score if you maintain good standing on each of your accounts, but, if you miss payments or make routine late payments, this aspect of your credit history can severely — and negatively — impact your score. By missing payments, you signal to lenders that you do not take great care of your debts and are far more likely to default or miss payments on future lending opportunities.


Therefore, even if you are unable to engage in aggressive repayment strategies or other options designed to boost your credit score, making payments on time and keeping your accounts in good standing will pay off dramatically.