The 12 Best Investment Apps For Beginners Ranked

Wealthfront has more than $27 billion in assets under management and about 470,000 users. It’s one of the first platforms to make use of robo-advisors and it’s a great opportunity for anyone starting out in the investment space for the first time.


The prevalence of robo-advisor accounts has reimagined what early-career stock investing can look like. Instead of struggling to balance a diversified portfolio or find great companies to invest in, using a robo-advisor to manage these features makes it simple. Wealthfront offers an excellent mobile app that’s intuitive and easy to use. This means that a new investor won’t have to spend a considerable amount of time learning the lingo and exploring the app itself in order to understand the ins and outs of the platform.

Another important aspect of Wealthfront is found in the socially responsible, risk parity, smart beta, and core customizations for investment portfolios. This customization capacity gives you the ability to direct your investments based on a code of conduct and morality regarding all types of personalized issues and central beliefs. This means that you can invest in companies that you believe in and a code of ethics with corporations that reflect your own spirit. This is important for many investors, and yet can be hard to find in the ranks of beginner-friendly investment apps.