The 27 Highest-Paying Jobs In The U.S.

Of the 27 highest paying jobs in the American job market, 13 fall within the medical field — and every one of the top 10 is categorized in medicine. Highly trained and specialized medical practitioners can expect to make larger salaries as they continue to progress through their careers. This is to be expected, though, largely because each one of these highly paid medical professionals must spend many years of schooling perfecting their understanding of human anatomy, medical care, and life-saving treatments.


Another major category when it comes to high salaries lies in the sciences (with eight of the 27 roles). Professionals categorized as scientists can work on a variety of different problems facing humans. Physicists, data scientists, architectural engineers, and economists each approach their craft through the same sort of scientific lens even as they perform wildly different functions.

80,000 Hours reports that the highest mean incomes by general profession fit within this overarching hierarchy: Medicine provides the highest annual incomes of all, with law, finance, and others sitting alongside engineering, programming, and research.