8 Sneaky Ways Gyms Trick You Into Spending More Money

Personal trainers are part of the expected experience of joining a gym. While they can be valuable assets in terms of motivating you with a tailored plan to help you reach your fitness goals, they are also expensive. That’s because, in 71% of gyms, group classes alone average attendance of only one to four members, with the goal being around six. But even with six members in every class taking unlimited classes three to four times a week, the gym nets about $72.20 per class. Personal trainers can make around $74 per hour for a gym per member, making their existence in a gym a necessity.


Online personal training requires the purchase of an app and can cost from $15 a month for group classes to $100 to $400 per month for one-on-one training. Even the latter is far cheaper than a gym membership plus the addition of sessions with a personal trainer. For instance, the best online personal trainer for live virtual training according to SI, Flexit, offers four 30-minute sessions for $134, or $33.50 per session up to 12 60-minute sessions at $734.40, or $61.20 per session. Still, undercutting the cost of a gym membership and personal training at both the high and low end. If saving money while getting fit from the sanctity of your home doesn’t motivate you, a personal trainer at the gym won’t do it either.