How To Talk To Your Boss About Getting A Raise

After meeting with your boss, send them a thoughtful, well-written follow-up email to document the discussion. Start by thanking them for taking the time to speak with you and specify the date that the two of you met for this discussion. Beyond that, provide a brief overview of what the two of you discussed during the discussion. Make sure the tone is professional and objective — think of it as a “just the facts” email. 


If either of you agreed to take future actions as a result of the meeting, be sure to state that in the email. For example, if your boss tells you that they will find out when the company expects to be able to consider pay increases and let you know, note that in the email. If your boss says that you need to show more initiative to be considered for a raise, note that in the email along with what specific action steps the two of you discussed for you to implement. 

Save a copy of the email, both so you have documentation of the discussion and because the information in it may help you prepare for future discussions in which you request a pay increase or ask to be considered for a promotion to a higher-paying job.