Is Pet Insurance Really Worth The Cost?

Since older animals are more likely to fall ill, insurance companies generally require higher monthly premiums for them. While both cat and dog owners will have to pay higher fees for animals aged eight and up, dog people get the short end of the stick. At Nationwide, older cat insurance starts at $11 per month, while older dog insurance starts at $39 per month. This comparison can make older cat insurance seem cheap, but it’s six dollars more than the monthly premium for kittens and adult cats.


Nationwide isn’t exactly the exception, here. Money Digest entered info for two hypothetical dogs, one young and one old, to Geico/Embrace’s form for a quote. The accident and illness plan for a mixed-breed, medium-sized, nine-year-old male dog was quoted at about $56 per month. For a four-year-old dog of the same breed, build, and sex, the quote was about $34 per month. While pet insurance is arguably more necessary for older pets, especially those that already struggle with health issues, the high costs are worth taking into consideration before you purchase your plan. To calculate your own potential costs, visit Embrace’s website.