Money Red Flags To Look Out For If You’re Dating A Sagittarius

While all the gifts your Sagittarius buys for you might seem cute at first, it can go downhill really fast. On a first date, they’re the type to take you to a roller rink, arcade, escape room, or anything else you said you’d never tried before — and no, you won’t have to pay. For the first month or two, it’ll seem like a dream come true. When time goes on and the activities they splurge on get more and more expensive, with no regard towards their personal finances, that’s when you need to worry. Sure, skydiving is fun, but nobody can afford to do it five times in one year.


A Sagittarius can get distracted by all the fun they’re having and forget about the “boring” financial side of it all. Try gently confronting them on the matter. Reassure them that you love all of these new experiences just as much as they do, but that it’s more special when you do it less often. It’s nice to receive gifts, but someone who drains their savings on big presents and adventures without a second thought might not be a viable long-term partner.