12 Things To Avoid Doing Or Saying When You’re Negotiating A Raise

While you shouldn’t approach your boss aggressively or bark out an ultimatum, it’s also important to avoid going so far in the other direction that you come across as wishy-washy. The key to this is to use assertive language rather than relying on terms that make it seem like you lack confidence or are uncertain of what you’re saying. For example, don’t say “I hope you will consider my request for a pay increase.” If you are having a conversation with your boss that involves negotiating for a pay increase, they are already considering your request. Instead, say, “Thank you for considering my request for a pay increase.” 


From there, don’t say that you “think” you’re doing a good job and “feel like” you deserve higher pay and are “wishing” for a raise. Instead, share specific examples that convey what a great job you are doing and follow them up with a confident statement that paints a picture of why your request should be granted. For example, after citing specific accomplishments, say something like, “As you can see, I have exceeded all performance targets. This demonstrates that my compensation, which is currently below the midpoint of the pay range, belongs in the highest quadrant.”