Does The Honey Extension Actually Save You Money?

The short answer is yes, Honey can save you money. With that being said, how much you actually save can and does widely vary depending on a number of factors including the specific retailers you frequent, how much you shop online, and how much you do or don’t utilize cashback reward options. It’s also important to mention that trial runs using Honey have produced mixed results, so the tool is by no means a guarantee of a bargain. With that in mind, there are many different features of Honey that might end up working for you and the way you shop.


The ability to add items to your Honey drop list (so they can be monitored for price drops), along with potential cash-back rewards can make Honey especially useful as a long-term shopping strategy rather than as purely an immediate way to save money. Using the tool in a more long-term way to monitor items you already plan on purchasing in the future can help you ensure you get the best deal. Similarly, it could also be useful to specifically follow brands and retailers to which Honey is actually applicable (Honey’s developers claim that the tool works on over 30,000 retail sites). By utilizing Honey on specific websites, it can pay to plan out your purchases rather than giving in to any impulse decisions. It goes without saying that Honey can be especially useful when it comes to any holiday shopping plans.