The Best Time Of Year To Look For A Rental Property

During the late-spring and summer, there’s typically a lot of lifestyle changes occurring. Families with children will want to leave their old dwelling after the previous school year ends, but be settled in by the time the new school year begins. Older students are also involved in the shuffle, with high schoolers moving to college and college graduates perhaps relocating for their first real job. That’s not to mention that it’s just easier to move during warmer months. It’s more pleasant to drive long distances and to carry furniture and boxes. Heck, it’s even more pleasant to tour rental properties in nice weather.


Because of all the activity happening over the summer months, this is the time to get the best selection. More rental homes and apartments will become vacant and get listed than in other times of the year, so you have a better chance of finding the perfect fit — the home or apartment that checks every box on your list. However, landlords are keen to the increased demand too, so don’t expect to see many or any deals during the summer months. You’ll also face increased competition from other renters, which may require a quick decision or even applying on-the-spot during a showing, which some personality types may find stressful.