Are Planet Fitness’ Black Card Perks Worth The Price?

To begin, the Black Card allows Planet Fitness members to use any club in America or internationally, whereas regular members only have access to their home club. Needless to say, this can be a valuable benefit if you frequently travel for work or pleasure.


In recent years, with the increased popularity of full-time living in camper vans and travel trailers, some modern nomads maintain Black Card memberships for no other reason than to access the clubs’ shower and restroom facilities for a quick refresh. One caveat is that Black Card members can only access locations other than their home club 10 times each month. After 10 visits in a single month, a $5 per visit fee policy kicks in.

Besides access to gyms outside your home area, holding a Black Card entitles you to bring a guest to join your workout and there are no restrictions on the number of times that you can bring someone along. If you and a friend or family member regularly work out at the same time each day, you can effectively share a single membership, which is quite thrifty.