Mark Cuban Regrets Passing On This One Shark Tank Deal

Bouqs co-founder John Tabis appeared on Season 5, Episode 27 of “Shark Tank,” to pitch Bouqs’ offering of direct flower delivery. While the Sharks seemed receptive enough to the concept, there were some significant drawbacks pointed out. Real estate magnate Barbara Corcoran declined to invest in Bouqs mainly because she disliked the company name, Bouqs (rhymes with “kooks”), which is also difficult to spell. Frankly, we at Money Digest have to agree that the name isn’t optimal. Shark Lori Greiner, meanwhile, also made the observation that there are little-to-no barriers to entry for competitors to replicate Bouqs’ business model, if successful. Those observations aside, most of the Sharks simply felt that Tabis asked for too large of an investment for too little stake in the company.


Specifically, the offer was for 3% ownership in Bouqs in exchange for an investment of $258,000, which implied a value of approximately $8.6 million for the entire company. Like so many “Shark Tank” presenters before him, Tabis justified the valuation by pointing to growing sales from the then 10-month-old company. Besides Bouqs being a pricey risk, Mark Cuban — entrepreneur and owner the Dallas Mavericks basketball team — also didn’t like the fact that the company was already in the process of raising capital from other investors, rendering his investment as just one-in-a-crowd or “dumb money,” as Cuban said on the show.